Make your Newborn Baby Name into a
Personalized Name Poster and
Work of Art to Treasure Forever.
Our Baby Name NameFrames are a truly imaginative gift idea as
they show a child's or newborn's name with whimsical
illustrations and delightful verses.
Since 1998 we have been producing newborn baby name frames for satisfied families around the globe.
You too can design your own child's name poster online, allowing you to easily choose the pictures and verses and alter the colors used and see the layout prior to being ordered and printed.
Below is a video that shows you how you can play around with our site and create you own
unique Sweet P poster. At no time are you obligated to purchase.
Yes please can I have a go at making my own name

A is for Angel
The best thing is you get to create it online yourself.
No matter what the spelling of your child's name,
Sweet P NameFrames allows you to create a truly unique name
poster for your son or daughter, niece or nephew,
grandson or granddaughter or a beautiful gift to welcome a newborn child into the world.
The Sweet P NameFrame is a truly personalized gift from the heart.
You get to choose the pictures and verses to make up your child's name.
You even get to choose the colors of the letters of the name.
The first seven letters default to the colors of the rainbow
plus 3 more popular colors including pink.
Furthermore you get to add the child's birth details making it a
keepsake that will be cherished forever.

A is for Arrows
Sweet P's is all about celebrating the simplicity of life.

It's not about the computers and playstations, TV and all the new mod cons.
But the simple things in life that we enjoy as a child and fascinate us like;
daisy chains, magnets and fingers of toast with soft boiled eggs.
This makes the pictures and verses timeless with the ability to transcend generations with the
highlights of growing and the amazement of the discovery all things new.
Yes please can I have a go at making my own name

M is for Magnet
So how does it work?

Well we have two libraries of pictures and verses.
A boys alphabet and a girls alphabet made up of multiple letters;
three A's... two B's... three C's and so on.

This allows us to create absolutely any name no matter what the spelling
and without any repeat letters.

And as mentioned earlier it also allows you to choose the pictures and verses
that you prefer to make up your child's name.

J is for Jump

L is for Lollipop
Personalize you Baby Name Poster

To even further personalize it we can record your child's birth details:
- Their full name; Christian Middle & Surname
- Their Date of Birth -
- Time of Birth -
- Weight at Birth -
- Their Length of Birth -
- And their Place of Birth -

These birth details are what makes the Sweet P NameFrame even more special.
We have heard back from delighted customers who have commented on how they refer to the
poster as their child grows up.

W is for Watch
They learn how to spell their name from the poster.
Their full name and their birth details through to basic colours and sometimes the colours of
the rainbow for the names of seven letters and more.

The Sweet P NameFrame also assists in learning to read which has even more interest as it is
linked back to their name.

I'm ready to create my own Baby Name Poster

So it's more than just a unique piece of art that is your child will treasure forever. It is a
keepsake with valuable birth detail information that often get lost over the years. But instead
they will be on the bedroom wall above their bed to refer to time and time again.

N is for Nectarine
A gift for life.

Parents more often than not spend the term of the pregnancy
(and sometimes longer) thinking of names for their
precious bundles of joy who are on their way.

It is the second thing we give our child after life is their name.
So celebrate it, make it a work of art and something to admire.

F is for Fast
How did it all begin?

Created in 1998 by grandfather graphic designers and artists Peter Burt and Greg Hall.
When Peter became a grandfather for the second time he decided to mark the event in a
unique and very personal way and came up with the idea when he produced a couple of
posters for his new grand daughter Alexandra and her older sister Samantha.

Drawing on the fondest memories of his own childhood, he created custom letters for each
of the childrens names, drew a picture for each letter, and added a verse. It captured the
innocence and magic of children's imaginations
- the joy of simple things.

It also encaptured all the grownups who saw the colourful posters. Soon Peter was inundated
with requests from parents and grandparents to create similar posters for their own children
and grandchildren. So the product was born. During the following year more than 110
pictures and verses were created to form the alphabets you can now choose from.

From there Greg went about digitizing and systemizing the process so Sweet P NameFrames
can be delivered online. Which is what you see here today. Since 1998 thousands have been
produced and delivered to all corners of the globe.

G is for Garden
Satisfaction Guaranteed. Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not statisfied with your Sweet P NameFrame.
Let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money
no question asked.

You have absolutely nothing to lose
Create your own Baby Name Poster
with no obligation to purchase unless you want to and even then
you have a 100% money back guarantee.

Thanks for visiting our little home online.
Have fun, we know you will enjoy the process.
Poppa Greg & Grandad Pete

E is for Earth
PS: Here are just some of the Sweet P Nameframes we have produced over the years.
No two Sweet P Baby Name Posters are the same.
Create your own Baby Name Poster
Here's what some of our clients have said

Thanks for going through the trouble to upkeep the wonderful standard of quality in the whole item we love them to bits and its much appreciated. D.A, Australia

I must say that you have such a wonderfully unique product! I love it and will tell all my friends about you! It gets harder and harder to find unique gifts that aren't the usual baby “stuff.? A.S. (Midwest, USA)

I just wanted to thank you for the name frame. It arrived today in the mail and it is really great. Thank you for such a good quality product and very speedy service R.Q Australia

I took it along to my ante-natal coffee group and everyone absolutely loved it and want one too so hopefully you'll see an influx of orders - all because of your fantastic service and beautiful product!! D.I. NZ

Received the name frame in the mail yesterday ?thanks so much, it looks great. J.M. NZ

I received my name frame in the mail today and I absolutely love it - Thankyou !! Thankyou for your very prompt service and fast delivery. L.H. Australia

“You have made them previously for me for my 1st 2 children, and they look fabulous.? K.K. (Wellington, NZ)

Your work is truly beautiful and I really can't wait for it to be hanging in my daughter's bedroom. She is a beautiful little girl, with a beautiful name and that is reflected in your work. T.P. Sydney, Australia

I just received a nameplate. I wanted to let you guys know how great of a job you did and in such a timely manner as well. I think your gift is truly original and I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again!! J.S. (USA)

Thank you so much. I will start spreading the word re your outstanding service. R.S. (New Zealand)

Thanks very much they arrived today - fantastic as usual! N.R, Christchurch

thank you we received it today and it looks great L.W, Christchurch

Thank you for the lovely framed name for our son - its beautiful. M.B, Australia

I ordered two of your stunning name frames last month which I absolutely love. I really do love them, it is a fabulous idea, so unique but so personal too D.I., NZ

Create your own Baby Name Poster

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